With the days getting shorter again, it’s becoming harder to take advantage of the nice weather on a weeknight.  By the time I get home from work, there’s only an hour left of daylight and I find myself sorely missing my porch and hammock back in Ohio.  If you, like me, have been looking for […]

Although I am completely distraught that it is already August, one of the many things I’m looking forward to this month is:  Night Markets at the Hester Street Fair (http://www.hesterstreetfair.com/, corner of Hester and Essex)!  Starting this Saturday, this treasure trove of a flea market will be open later than usual (12-10pm).  Manageably small, Hester […]

After a rather rainy start to summer, the sun has been beckoning me outdoors, and if you, like me, have been craving a taste of nature and need a respite from the concrete jungle, head on up to Innwood this weekend for a hike.  Surprisingly, you don’t even need to leave Manhattan to get an […]

Only one stop on the 7 or the E train from Midtown, this spot, although seldom heard of or talked about, has the potential to become NYC’s best kept secret.  Of course, once it reaches that potential, the secret will certainly be out, but in the meantime, Long Island City waivers between industrial parkways, arty-Williamsburg-esque […]

Unless you’re a resident, I’m guessing most of you have yet to see NYC’s Lower East Side in the daylight, or if you have, it was mostly likely at sunrise while on your way home to nurse a debilitating hangover.  I, for one, only visited this fun-loving neighborhood after 10 pm in my first year […]

Ever wonder what your elementary school art teacher is up to these days?  You know the one who somehow found the beauty in all of your crappy art projects but only because she was secretly sniffing paste behind the kiln and planning her next trip to Burning Man?  Well, there’s a good chance she’ll be […]