Weekend Pick 6/22-6/23

2008-09-14 02.03.55

Ever wonder what your elementary school art teacher is up to these days?  You know the one who somehow found the beauty in all of your crappy art projects but only because she was secretly sniffing paste behind the kiln and planning her next trip to Burning Man?  Well, there’s a good chance she’ll be on Coney Island’s boardwalk this weekend wrapped in fish net and sporting starfish pasties because this Saturday is Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade! (Starting on Surf Avenue at 1pm, http://www.coneyisland.com/programs/mermaid-parade)

2008-09-14 02.25.45

If you’ve never been to this unique NYC parade, be prepared to see a lot of half-naked baby-boomers and some very interesting characters strutting their stuff down Surf Avenue.  Other regular sightings:  exhibitionists’ pitiable children forced to dress as a variety of crustaceans, awkward and underdressed marchers who look as though they wholeheartedly regret their decision to participate, and a string of intoxicated King Neptunes who will all claim to have earned the title.

2008-09-14 02.20.09

Unconvinced?  Trust me when I say that the Mermaid Parade is an unforgettable, slightly scarring experience and a perfect Saturday activity.  If eating a hot dog at Nathan’s or riding the Cyclone have been on your to-do list, then this weekend is the weekend to visit Coney Island.  One last piece of advice, although you may want to watch the parade with the beach as your backdrop, the larger floats can’t take the turn down the boardwalk, so be sure to stake out a spot on Surf Avenue so as not to miss a mermaid-filled moment.

2008-09-14 02.13.32


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