Weekend Pick 7/20-7/21

Fort Tryon Park

After a rather rainy start to summer, the sun has been beckoning me outdoors, and if you, like me, have been craving a taste of nature and need a respite from the concrete jungle, head on up to Innwood this weekend for a hike.  Surprisingly, you don’t even need to leave Manhattan to get an eye-full of green—Fort Tryon Park on the northernmost point of island has great hiking trails with actual elevation and tremendous views of the Hudson and Harlem River and New Jersey’s Palisades.  Start your walk up the stone-lined path up to the Cloisters (http://www.metmuseum.org/visit/visit-the-cloisters).


This medieval-looking villa never housed any monks (can you imagine?  New York monks?).  Instead, the Cloisters were built to house the Met’s vast collection of medieval European art.  Entry to the museum and gardens is quite steep at $25, but it’s free to walk around the grounds, and the building’s perch allows for some great views.

Path to Cloisters

After you’ve taken in the sights, head north into the less manicured and more secluded trails of Fort Tryon Park.  On my recent hike I saw wildlife creatures that weren’t squawking pigeons or spoiled, hand-fed squirrels, followed trail markers like a true wilderness girl, and spotted only a handful of fellow hikers on the trail, allowing for a much needed break from the masses.


At the end of your hike, grab a refreshment at La Marina (http://lamarinanyc.com/).  A hidden gem located on the Hudson River at the end of Dyckman Street, this scenic riverside bar has tons of seating and an impressive glass-encased restaurant with stunning views.  The restaurant is quite fancy, but don’t be scared to hang out by the outside bar in your hiking boots…or your Keds.  I mean, we are New Yorkers after all.

La Marina


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