Weekend Pick 4/20-4/21

Milon Front

Hey New Yorker, feeling overlooked?  Just another face in the crowd, cog in the wheel, body on the 6 train?  If you are in need of some attention, this weekend’s pick is sure to make you feel special.

Head over to 1st avenue between 5th and 6th street.  Stacked one on top of the other and side-by-side, you’ll find the most festive quartet of Indian restaurants in the city.  Each is strung with an epilepsy-inducing amount of party lights, and each is super eager to win your service.  At this spot you’ll feel anything but overlooked; instead, you’ll be sweet-talked, coerced, or even, personally escorted into any of the four restaurants.  Actually, my friend who was meeting a group of us for dinner was tricked into the wrong restaurant and promptly shown to another table of girls where the waiter tried to convince her that these girls were in fact the friends she’d been waiting to find.

In other words, your entrance will be overwhelming, but a dinner out at Milon NY (www.milonny.com/), or any of these other restaurants, is entirely worth the chaos.  Brimming with color, you’ll have a unique dining experience with great food without spending a fortune (entrees range between $10-$15), and it’s BYOB.  Be sure to get there early as these small spots fill up quickly.

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