Weekend Pick 4/13-4/14

2009-06-29 02.24.41

Last weekend marked the season opening of Smorgasburg (http://www.smorgasburg.com/).  In Williamsburg on Saturdays and DUMBO on Sundays, no matter the location, this foodie flea affords some cheap eats with a view.  In DUMBO, Smorgasburg is hidden in an old warehouse with the roof blown off, allowing the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge to loom overhead.  Once you’ve selected your fare (vendors include Milk Bar, Asia Dog, Landhaus, to name a few), head over to the grass to sit by the river and admire the scenery (and unbelievably cute Brooklynite families).  My recommendation is to bring a friend and split a selection from a handful of vendors.  In one sitting, I tried fried anchovies and macaroons for the first time. Maybe not the best combination, but an experience in and of itself!  A perfect lazy day activity, Smorgasburg is sure to get crowded as the summer progresses, so might be best to check it out while the lines are still (relatively) short!

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